iS_13943981.jpgAffordable Fuels now offers four heating oil delivery options. Choose the one that is right for you.

  1. The Basic COD Plan offers great pricing, with prompt courteous delivery service. There is no service connected to this option. If you require service it is available at normal rates.

  2. The Automatic COD Plan continues to offer the great prices we are known for with a small up-charge of $.05 per gallon. This allows us to maintain and schedule your deliveries. As with all COD accounts, this plan has no service contract connected to it. All service is available at normal rates. To access this program a customer must place a credit card on file with Affordable Fuels and sign an authorization allowing us to debit the card when a delivery is made.

  3. Our Premium Delivery Option is an automatic full service contract. Affordable Fuels makes automatic deliveries and maintains your heating equipment according to the terms of the service agreement (click here for information on our service agreements). Call for pricing and a system inspection.

  4. The Economizer Plan - Affordable Fuels will provide automatic deliveries, annual preventive maintenance and give you access to emergency service. Call for details and to save $$$. (This plan also includes enrollment in a service agreement - click here for information on our service agreements.)

Thank you for your interest in obtaining your home heating oil from Affordable Fuels.

All COD customers have the option of paying cash, credit card, and debit card. There is no additional fee for credit or debit card use. Any questions? Please contact us!